Sri Krishna,

Front end Developer

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E-Commerce App

It is a simple e-commerce application with navigation between categories and products, login and registration functionality, management of shopping cart, and payment gateway integration.

This app features:
- Dynamic routing to display data depending upon category.
- API call to fetch products data.
- State stored and persisted using Redux and local storage.
- User authentication to make payments.

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Covid Tracker

The goal of making this app is to gain a working understanding of React's workflow and how to use hooks. Also, to learn how to leverage the API in React to access data. The website pulls global covid data from the API and displays it in numbers and graphs as it loads. We also get a list of countries from the API, which we use to make the dropdown menu.The app pulls data from the API and re-renders the components with data and bar graphs when we select a country from the menu.

This was really just an oppurtunity to familiarise myself with the core concepts I had been learning at the time such as:
- Passing, deconsturcting and drilling props.
- Modifying, passing and lifting state.
- Working with hooks such as usEffect and useState.